Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ObSeSSion 2. 3WW

     The middle one drags my heart across the room.

I can't think with her huge rain-gray eyes blinking at me.
  So I don''t look, feign indifference.

In the sofa area downstairs, I gather her wrists in one hand, my other hand
roams her body as if it were on automatic pilot. The scent of honey and jasmine
rises up like an invisible siren and I bury my head in her neck just to keep from
falling over with desire like some dumb kid. I make love to her. Use words that
would make Shakespeare proud.

My tongue penetrates her soft lips, stroking up then down, circling
around and around. She's trembling like a baby bird's heart. I feel powerful
and vulnerable at the same time.
I mumble a request and find myself kissing her eyes beneath the blindfold that
has appeared seemingly out of thin air, I only realize later that it's my necktie.

She's my dream woman. Only two problems: One - I don't know her name.
And two - she may have stolen my cell phone. God, I'm in love.

Shauna M.


  1. Stimulating, erotic detail... lovely ending.


  2. very well written with all the passion and yearning there.


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  4. It's all in the 'rain-grey eyes' of this one..I love that image...Jae ;)

  5. these little trysts are becoming so much fun,
    sheilagh lee.

  6. Mary, I didn't watch the MTV awards.

  7. jaerose, dear TY for coming by to read
    this. rain-gray eyes are hard to resist.

  8. Leaves one on bated breathe. Very beautiful!
    Sweeped away

  9. Dear Bethe, you are like me - such the
    romantic - TY.