Sunday, August 21, 2011


Hi words glide down my soul like whiskey.
Burn my flesh with their bold accuracy.
When I walked into the club he bound me
with his sash of indifference. I was hooked.

Downstairs he gathers my wrists in his hand,
as I lie down, vulnerable and anxious. He
sinks into my being, one cell at a time, filling
me up, stealing my breath. I bobble on the sofa,
end up on the floor. When he finally kisses my
lips, brandy spills into my mouth and I become
intoxicated, stumbling over words he forces me
to repeat.  His tie covers my eyes as I stand in front
of him, trembling like a leaf unable to adapt to the
aggressive wind,  ready to fall at any moment.

He's left me blindfolded.
I can still feel the leather gloves he wore while
touching me.
And I feel a little ashamed as I frantically search 
my purse for his cell phone, I stole.


Two for One


  1. TY, Deborah for your thrilling response.

  2. wow now that was a thrilling read with a surprising ending..

  3. Claudia, glad you enjoyed the ride.

  4. My thoughts are anxiousness and excitement rolled into one. I really liked this, Shauna. I could feel my blood rush through my veins reading this. Loved it.

    Sorry it's taken me so long to get over here and read some of your poetry and such. I can't wait to read through some more! Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. Rebecca, TY. you sound blissed-out - translates
    well for me.

  6. OHOH, Kama Sutra me!

  7. surprising , it was

    hey ... i liked the earlier font .. the printed letters one ... kinds find it diff to read the posts on my tiny screen

  8. Saucy! Loved the surprise at the end!

  9. Ah, good she had control in her hands too..will she call him or is it a souvenir of claiming him too? Jae

  10. Really, Deepa. Wow. I'm really groovin' on
    this font - it's sensual and intimate and
    seems to fit the blog - I'll ask around.

    TY for your input, Deepa.

  11. A surprise ending, like life. TY sweetest Rose.

  12. Women like control, and perhaps she will call
    him - hmmm. TY Jae.

  13. Evocative and vivid... I, too, love the ending.

    ~laurie kolp

  14. Tre sexy, girlfriend. Seriously, the narrative is really cool. :)

  15. Very interesting story and I love the twist at the end.

  16. O. love evocative. TY, Laurie.

  17. Delighted you enjoyed, Cammila, TY.

  18. Twists keep life interesting. TY, Sheila.

  19. Hmmmm. Shauna! I liked it. Loved all the holes I was left to fill...the gaps, silent, and gasping. You touched the surface I'll wager. So much more in the inky black, no?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate the visit and I'm so glad to meet you!

  20. I'm so excited to know you enjoyed my
    little story, W&W - TY. Please return
    next Wed. or sooner.

  21. That was a good one! The build-up was perfect. had a good laugh.

  22. Jenni: TY. pls. return next Wednesday.

    Imperfect: TY. hope to see you this Wednesday.