Friday, September 23, 2011

LATE SET with Cuban in London

 Cuban In London, takes a lay-over.

Me:  The Title of a book that rocked your life?
Cuban:  Tres Tristes Tigers, Wolf Hall,  Handmaidens' Tale.

Me:  One of Mother Nature's Greatest Miracles?
Cuban:  A sunrise or sunset. In particular of late: The sun rising while I have
Bachs' "Air" on my mp3 during my early run.

Me:  A tryst with Athena or Calliope?
Cuban: Calliope, we could spend the weekend reading poetry to each other.

***Visit this prolific Renaissance Man here~   CubanInLondon


  1. Cuban In London is clearly a voracious reader
    and Renaissance Man. These qualities make his
    blog posts interesting learning experiences.
    Thanks for allowing us inside.

  2. CIL, is a Renaissance Man, no doubt. For me
    his book lists are legendary.

  3. C-in-L is a man to reckon with, no shadow of doubt about that!

  4. Many thanks for the interview, Shauna. And sorry for arriving so late. I've been soaking up the temperatures in London, which are still in the early 20s (Celsius). Very, very rare at this time of the year.

    Greetings from London.

  5. So that's how you found my blog - so nice to connect with a friend of the Cuban in London.