Monday, September 5, 2011

fetish this ...



  1. Love's bracelets take me to the deep end.

  2. What does that mean? I am lost here. A jewelry designer? Pamela Love? I am not a poet of few words. Nor, does it seem, a reader. I am lost, and not knowing how to comment, except to say...that a festish is sometimes a weight that unbalances us. I am ever mindful.

  3. I have been jonesing for a piece of her collection for awhile now.

    Did you notice how
    the bracelet with the long shooting gems reminds one of New York City skyline?

  4. TY Paige and Cynthia. Her earrings are my most
    divine "give me".

    WineWords - my definition of festish is an object endowed with the virtue of averting evil - a
    charm or talisman. and non-technically a fetish
    is a charm, usually jewelry that I desire because
    of the pleasure it gives me. Like the diamond heart my parents gave me on my birthday - I feel
    love and blessed when I wear that necklace.

  5. Hope you at least return to read my meaning.