Friday, November 18, 2011


A look inside Ben's heart ~

Me:  What gives you the most pain and pleasure?
Ben:  Writing. I find writing amazingly cathartic when its gotten right.
but some pieces can really try you & cause pain with the outcome.

Me:  Title of a poem or song you could live in?
Ben:  Nothing Gold Can Stay , by Robe3rt Frost. The Season's
changing, the cycle of life & death are tied in so beautifully. I've
been in love ever since I heard the poem.

Me:  The most romantic thing a woman can do for you?
Ben:  Would simply be to"get" me. I've always had a difficult time
being understood. So, this would be a large component towards romance.

TY Ben, I enjoyed peeking inside your heart.  :]     S.

***** Visit Ben's exciting blog here:  BEN


  1. Thanks a bunch of lighted candles Ben, for
    allowing the members and myself for a look
    inside your mind, heart and soul.

  2. Great interview with Ben!

  3. Nice interview with Ben...I am going to check out his work

  4. Hi Shauna ~~ You tugged at every 'little-bit-shy' male's heart strings with Ben's words when asked what he would like from a lady.
    Ben: "Would simply be to 'get' me."

    I was off on a three year 'vacation' from a thirteen year marriage when Mrs. Jim 'got' me. I wasn't even looking for a wife but we are now going on 39 years!

    Thank you for doing the interview.

  5. hey Susie, pls. do you won't be disappointed,
    his music choice alone is worth the visit. Ty.

  6. hey there Jim. TY, for you sharing your
    own romance. Wild how someone gets us
    when we least expect it. Pls. return.

  7. Thanks for being a wonderful interviewer with great questions :)

  8. We memorized Nothing Gold Can Stay for an assignment in English, for Mrs. Defortio, she became my favorite teacher. Beautiful.

  9. hey Noura, yes Ben is a lovely person and creative, hope you check his blog.
    TY for the comment.