Sunday, November 13, 2011

Six Word Saturday- the economical diary

Open mic poet, shags the audience.  S.


  1. We went to an open mic poetry night at
    Barnes & Noble and this one poet was mucho

  2. Oh, wow. I wish I could be so mucho mesmerizing.

  3. Hi Ben, yep - that poet ROCKED.

  4. Ironically, that is a kickass way to put it.

    Or rather, so I mean unironically? Coincidentally, maybe?

    Whatever, you're a poet. Good job on banging people with your words.

  5. es verdad...most of us felt as if we were in
    the middle of Roberta Flack's song Killing Me
    Softly, except instead of with his song it was
    with his poem.

    Ty Camilla.

  6. Shauna, I like. I've never been to an "open mic poetry night" but I think they have them or a similar poem reading program whose name escapes me in Houston.

    I hope to attend fairly soon. I could even read one of mine. :)

  7. Jim, open mic poetry nights or afternoons are
    FUN. hearing others and if you have the nerve
    reading your own. usually most local libraries
    have open mics. and the audience is supportive.