Thursday, June 2, 2011

Night Life

The downtown club Mix
loomed in front of Jai and
her "friends".

Jai hestitated and the
door grinned open.

Jai was nude in her Halston
black dress. She purchased
the silkiness this afternoon in a
little vintage shop, that appeared
to be owned by a heavy-set cat.

Squeezing past the jumble
of vibrating bodies, Jai saw
her ex dancing.

Jai quickly turned as her heart
beat out the dj's choice song
Come Inside My Love. Their

Jai gave the bartender her order
and felt a possesive hand capture
her waist. She didn't need to
turn around.

One moist kiss was placed
on the back of her neck
and Jai shivered.  Oh no, she
thought, I won't, I hope....




  1. how sad it seems he's moved on but he's wishy washy if that is him at her back which means she will be hurt. great story

  2. I hope she won't either. Good poem!

  3. To be able to buy silkiness..yes, that would be good..Jai is like a black cat..she seems brave but I wonder..very atmospheric piece..Jae

  4. oh dearest one.

    You are to beautiful for words.

  5. I love the energy of this poem its amazing. I love the description of the dress very hot mind you I would never have the confidence but kudos to her!

  6. Thank you, All. My blogger is misbehaving
    so it is difficult for me to leave comments.
    I think someone needs a spanking.