Monday, August 15, 2011

Like This

 "Love isn't the work of the tender and the gentle;
Love is the work of wrestlers. *

The moon laughed and her breath
bestowed us with a holy drunkenness
that flowed between the lines of our lovemaking,

breaking each others' wings and swallowing the
bitter sweetness of it, we tasted the gauze of love;
your sweetness on me, by bitterness on you.

I pin you down, smudge your fuzzy mirror and
we become clearer, trading echoes and kisses
wet with hidden knowledge now made known

Your fairy tale hands rejoice in my body and
deep into my soul, rearrange all that I used to be.


* Intellect is a Shackle ,  Rumi  *


  1. In lovemaking are you the bitter or the sweet?
    Of course, I dearest readers happen to be the bitter, yet my taste is addictive. Like coffee.

    Pray tell ...

  2. I love the imagery and all of the sensory details in this poem. This is a masterpiece. You are such a talented writer. Now following :)

    BTW- I think my love is bitter, yet addictive as well. Bad for some, but bad in a good way, nonetheless.

  3. O. Miss Dre - a bitter like myself - bad in a good way, no doubt. The imagery pleased you -

  4. and I love a good fairy tale, paige.

  5. Very nice. Great rhythm and imagery here. I like a lot of your phrasings - "gauze of love", "smudge your fuzzy mirror" and "fairy tale hands" to name a few.

  6. hey steven. wow. I like the way you read
    my poetry - deep into each line.