Wednesday, September 28, 2011

whatcha wearing right now-drinking later?

play along & leave a comment.


  1. Now this sounds very interesting!
    I have never had champagne with amaretto in it. Sounds yummy though!

  2. interesting post!!;)
    thanks for your comment!i hope that you return on my blog!!;)
    kisses and have a nice day!!=)

  3. Hmm.. the idea is to offer up your favorite
    drink - doesn't have to include alcohol and
    what you happen to be wearing now.

  4. I'm wearing my University sweatshirt over my
    favorite black slip and soft socks.
    Tonight at the club, I'll be drinking icy
    cold champange with a dash of amaretto.

  5. Jeans and a Beatles T-shirt. Thinking about drinking a Coke :)

  6. yes! hey Ben, I can envision you in that
    perfect outfit, with a Coke in your hand.


  7. I like this post! Nothing too interesting here, just some jeans, a gray button down short-sleeve shirt, and some comfortable black house-shoes. Later, I'll be drinking a glass of Trader Joe's Cabernet.
    And Shauna, yours sounds quite sexy!

  8. Hmm... jean shorts and a t-shirt, drinking water (I sound so boring, but it's 8:00 p.m.)

  9. hey Jacquez, oOo. I adore a man in house shoes.
    Trader Joe has everthing! wow- I'm addicted to
    their no-sugar chocolate chip cookies and the
    frozen cooked shrimp are great to leave in the
    freezer for emergencies.

    TY, Jacq

  10. lovely Laura, yep. I'm so there - wearing jean
    shorts and drinking water all night - water
    does yield great result for the skin.

    TY, luv.

  11. I'm in my trusty tank and pj bottoms..nothin' to drink yet.

    Thanks so much for the comment you left me. It means a lot.

  12. Dark blue, old-school gym shorts (short enough that I only wear them around the house), and a long, slate blue T-shirt (once a favorite, but now worn out enough that it is also confined to house).

    As far as drinking? I hate to admit this, because it seems so... unsophisticated... but the truth is that I'm drinking Vodka with a low-carb energy drink, over a generous helping of ice.

  13. I'm wearing my favorite thread-challenged
    bathrobe -
    I love because she zips up to a
    high collar and has deep pockets

    and drinking Constant Comment Tea.

    Hi Shauna!

  14. hey Ellie, nothing is more cozy than a fav. T and
    pj bottoms.


  15. Hey Bard, I missed your romantic poetry.

    The original gym shorts sound radical.
    Energy drink w/ vodka - that will get you
    started for sure.

    Waiting for your review of "Anonymous."


  16. hey there sweet lips - I envision you somewhere
    deep inside a castle in England w/ your thread-bare bathrobe and tea.


  17. I'm wearing pajamas. This is a cute idea for a post!

  18. chloe mia - a beautiful name. Ty for your offer,
    but you didn't tell me the color - i'm impossibly nosey.

  19. I'm wearing bleach stained clothes...I have been I always enjoy your work. I wanted you to know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger's Award:

  20. Hey Susie, bleach stained cut-off jeans can
    be cool.

    A huge TY for the nomination, Susie - wOW :]