Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saskaloon, SK

The mechanic turns my insides
into spaghetti, sans the sauce.
sitting in the bathtub I soap-up
hischalk white arms, arms filled
with a gang of tattoos.

The aroma of sweat and smoke is
tonic water floating steadily into my
mouth and I lap it up like champagne
served from a flute, his flute, if you will

Amazing how much of a mess two slim
people can make in a tub, like silly kids
playing Titanic on a lazy friday night.



  1. i love to imagine i was one of them.
    love your words, sensual as ever, sensual as noone else i know about

  2. I've never played Titanic but wow it sounds fun!

  3. This may be the first time that I think I'm actually inferring dirtier metaphors than you intended with some of your imagery. I'm not sure though -- you're REALLY good. :)

  4. hey loulou, you are too kind, friend.

  5. hey there ben dittyluv: try it, you'll like it:]

  6. cammila, wow - where have you been luv, have
    your really been reading me or are your thoughts
    just that pure - congrats again