Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday's Fave Five -Found Miracles

Being a gypsy ushers in small joys  ~

I.  Tuesday in Chinatown, I found a moonstone ring surrounded
by garnet circles buried under other rings.

II.  Re-discovered the Beatles song 'If I Fell In Love With You' and played
it over & over again until the song echoed in my dreams.

III.  On Wednesday, I picked up a single rose wrapped in cellophane on
the steps of  the West 4th Street Station. I'm still swooning.

IV.  Found a mirror with a purple frame at  the .99 Paradise Store on L.I.

V.  I walked into a tiny boutique & a little boy pointed at me & said
 Look at your hair!  Okay so it was windy. Gotta love kids. :[  o$xx#!

Leave your small joy ---- I know you have one or two.


  1. That story with the kid is so cute!

  2. Oooh! I am so jealous, Shauna!!! I absolutely LOVE rings and a moonstone with garnets?? The gypsy in me is dancing with joy for you! Kids are such little whippersnappers! They certainly don't hold back. :) You can't help but love it.

  3. for today you made me live again and look at the little things, the world


  4. I laughed later, much later that night.

  5. Rebecca, ethereal one. I was beside myself.
    Moonstone & garnet, my favorites. It pays to
    dig deep in life.

  6. Little joys keep us in constant wonder.
    xo, LL, babe.

  7. I just left you a comment to this post but for some reason it is on the post of 13 Oct....I don´t know how that happened. Anyway....
    I won´t repeat myself here....except I want that moonstone surrounded by garnets..........

  8. I love finding little treasures in my escapades as well :)

  9. A friend used one of my poems in one of theirs :-)

  10. you should put some photo to make it more interesting.

  11. Oh yeah, this ring is so amzing.

  12. It's the little joys that make my life sing.

  13. Hey Ben, that's is so cool and such a hot compliment to have someone invite one of your
    poems into theirs.

  14. If only I was more technical, Julien.
    Luv, your artistic blog.

  15. Mama Cass, Dream a Little Dream. I like to sing along.

  16. Singing is healing. Hey Kelly.