Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stopping by the Woods on an Autumn Afternoon

Dear You,

It's apple pickin' season
and my Ma wants to meet you.

The boy who set her prickly girl's
heart on fire. I told Ma 'bout that

time in the woods, us rolling around
in nettle and red dirt, how you bit my

neck and then some other stuff, 'till more
stuff startin' happening below my belly

button. And I told Ma how you wrapped me
in your denim jacket and carried me all

the way home. I cleaned out an old milk
jar and stuck those wild sunflowers inside.

Now there's dust on my grandma's doily
and Ma says don't trust no man bearing

flowers with kisses like fire. I didn't tell
Ma it's too late, but she probably knows that.



  1. I never told my mother anything. She didn't need to know, and I certainly didn't need to tell her. Trustworthy or not, it was a beautifully captured moment, and the trust we had is the trust we remember.

  2. Incredibly intimate. I love the imagery and how gracefully the poem flows. :)

  3. And I love your response, Sherry.

  4. Ha ha, wow. The tone is thoroughly convincing. Well done!

  5. Like the letter format ~ Terse but vivid images of love, lust and loss~

    Terrific writing ~ Nice to meet you ~

  6. Ty, for your comments, Heaven, Heaven.

  7. I loved the language in this. It felt so real and far away.

  8. I like that real and far away. Ty, Ben.

  9. Ma is a wise woman but you're a sensual one. And doesn't wisdom get overcome by sensuality time and time again? :-)

    A beauty of a poem, this one was. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  10. so beautiful, sensual, velvet like..
    i miss you shauna, i will come here more often, iam sry for my absence these are the weirdest times


  11. Pretty Loulou, missed you too.

  12. :) Nice write, shauna!!!

    apple pickin' season is right,
    that or the shotgun will say pa.

  13. Lovely post! So nice!

  14. What wonderful words you write. I really like your blog. Thanks for coming by mine and leaving a thoughtful comment. I appreciate it.
    This post made me laugh...with the little boy and saying something about your hair:) Reminds me of the time I had my little son in the cart at the market and a "punker-gothic",,,VERY made-up woman with pink and black striped hair walks in front of us and my son jumped...looked at me, looked back at her and at the top of his little lungs yells out....and pointing right at her...WITCH, WITCH,,WITCH!!!
    We still laugh about it to this day......the woman just looked at him and smiled.....I quickly pushed the cart around the aisle and laughed my %$§& off at him. I did try to explain to him who she really was but he was too small to understand at the time...I guess that is what happens when you read your young child too many fairytales.
    Have a nice Monday and I hope you are nowhere near SANDY today.

  15. Cynthia, now I'm laughing out loud. Kids just blurt it out.
    Awmazing how their minds put visuals together.