Wednesday, February 8, 2012

KiTchEN FiRe

A siren makes us jump;
the shiny truck cuts across a perfectly manicured lawn.

 Smells of bacon and plant soil dominate this tiny kitchen.
 My stepsiter's hair lays dead on the counter a few wisps
have fallen into the mishappen ashtray some little kid made.

I try to control myself,  but the eruptions in my body
make it phsyically impossible, I bend down and give
my stepsister a wet kiss on her clean scalp.

It's my turn now.
My flesh in a field of goosebumps.

The cigarette's clit glows in my mouth.
Stepsis takes the razor and slowly pulls it down my
head, she starts in the middle. I'm still as a wall.
My cigarette ejaculates onto my jeans, the angry red 
fireworks fascinated me.

She begins another row. The razor's  warmth
and humming sound seduces me into a hypnotic state.
The only part of me moving is deep inside where
I quiver like a gold fish caught in someone's hand.

Pretty soon I will  be just as bald as Jean.
Yeah, we'll like be two sci-fi aliens.
Slick with sweat, oil and desire.





  1. I don't think I could do that, but I felt like I was!

  2. that was sweet how the person went bald to be like the stepsis.

  3. Oh, my, such wonderful allusions to sex :-)

    Clit of the cigarette, ejaculating on jeans! Amazing.

  4. laurie, Ooo love to know you felt this piece.

  5. hey sheliagh,'re sweet.

  6. ben, hey and congrats on your chapbook. TY

  7. That is one hot grows back you can do it again..and again..Jae ;)

  8. The cigarette imagery punctuates this perfectly. The hair, the corporeal concepts -- I feel it in my bones.

  9. es verdad jae...hadn't thought of that. TY.

  10. hey cammila, TY - your comments are so
    divinely interesting to read, your words
    actually make me want to read my own
    prose again. TY

  11. LOL Jae, "one hot kitchen" indeed. oh my.

    (Well written, by the way. I think it achieved its intended effect.)

  12. Some women look so beautiful even without hair Sinead O'Connor (as she was) and Demi Moore are two.
    Takes a lot of guts to do it though. Great writing, I could almost feel the razor vibrating. I trimmed my dogs hair yesterday in the kitchen, on the table.
    Fabulous imagery, the cigarette, a nice sensual touch.

  13. dreamergirl - TY. I enjoyed reading your comments.